Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You ARE just a tool

Tool Academy is a new reality show on VH1. Various couples experiences problems in their relationships with their significant other. These men are disloyal, dishonest, and have admitted to repeatedly cheating on their girlfriends. The sad part is, they see no problem with their behavior. The show is hosted by Jordan Murphy and couple's therapist Trina Dolenz. Each show, the men must earn merit badges for various virtues. They are put through a test at the beginning of the episode and must later complete a challenge. The winner of the challenge has the opportunity for a conjugal visit, a great privilege because the men and women live in seperate houses. At the end of the day there is an elimination ceremony where the men are judged based on ther performance during the day. The women wait outside of the house and will find out who was elimnated by who walks out the door. At that time, the girlfriend of the eliminated guy will decide whether or not she wants to stay with him.

There have only been 4 episodes so far, but the second one was the most controversial to me. This episode was a test of fidelity. In the beginning all the couples gathered in room with a large flat screen T.V. with the hosts. The boyfriends were thrown in a situation with a very attractive female make-up artist. The men had no idea they were being taped. The woman hit on the men and most of them took the bait. While one boyfriend Shawn was explaining his actions to his current girlfriend Jamie when his OTHER girlfriend Aida of 5 1/2 years walked in claiming "He's my boyfriend." Apparently Shawn and Aida had been dating for a while, then had seperated for about 3 months. However, during the seperation, Shawn found a new girlfriend, but then he and Aida decided to get back together while he was still seeing Jamie. Jamie was in shock because she did not see any of this coming. She ends up walking out on Shawn and the show and Aida takes her place moving into the ladies house.

The whole ordeal was a complete shock to everyone, but it sure made for good T.V.!

Chibuzo Atukpawu

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