Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New York, If Only You Could Hear Us.

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A review of New York's latest, by Brooke Smith

Tiffany Polard, better known as, New York has made a career out of reality TV. Her newest, and possibly most infuriating show is titled “New York Goes to Work,” a show in which viewers at home pick odd jobs for New York to complete. Jobs include such grueling and difficult tasks as being a gardener, a cafeteria worker or a receptionist. 

Does anyone else find something troubling about a television show in which ordinary everyday jobs, we otherwise wouldn’t care less about, are made entertaining just because New York is doing them? It seems to me that the show’s producers are making a mockery out of hard working people by throwing New York into their environments for a single day and then making a TV show around it. Even more offensive is how much money New York gets for doing one satisfactory day on the job. New York receives $10,000 if she completes her basic tasks.

 For example, in one episode she had to work at a nudist colony. What was asked of her was beyond simple. Instead of cleaning the rooms and checking in guests, New York focused on how unattractive the naked bodies around her were and refused to make the bed out of laziness. In fact, she often complains of broken nails and unflattering uniforms but somehow manages to get the $10,000 check from some of her employers(this is usually a byproduct of her overexposed cleavage).  In an economy where unemployment rates are higher than ever, people are getting laid off every week and college graduates from top schools are having difficulty getting jobs.  Tiffany Polard, with a high school education and no skill set, can get $10,000 in a single day.

At the beginning of each show New York addresses her audience as “America” and I suppose she feels justified in doing this since audience members text to choose her next job, but in reality New York—you are not the President so please don’t refer to your television audience as America. If America could respond back to you we would all give you a resounding: shut up!  

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