Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"This changes everything. Again": Yes Apple, we know.

So the new iPhone 4 was announced this past Monday during Apple's WWDC and as you can imagine, it's been creating somewhat of a revolution across the web. The approximate 5200 attendees of the conference were at the edge of their seats as numerous representatives bragged about all the extraordinary (as usual) features that could be utilized with the device. People clapped, people wow-ed, and most importantly they smiled with joy. The crowd's smiles were so big they practically surpassed Mr. Jobbs' ego; OK maybe not, but they were still pretty huge. As the Apple CEO stood there in his black shirt and washed out jeans, the rest of the world glued their eyes to the computer as they watched live blog updates of what was going on (the conference doesn't allow live streaming due to the entrance fee).

The product itself is in fact truly amazing. You have the

usual small add-on features that nobody actually cares about but pretends they do, and then other cool aspects like HD filming capabilities (in 720p) as well as editing via iMovie. The retina display was as popular as the head cheerleader in high school, as was the new an improved Guitar Hero. The main feature however that really left everyone at the edge of their seats was what Apple calls FaceTime. This is essentially iChat for the iPhone where you can actually video chat with your friends while making a call. Of course everyone forgets the fact that Sony Ericsson released the same feature in the TI-86 model in the early 2000's because it's Apple and they just do everything better. This isn't entirely false actually as they've now surpassed Microsoft as the most valuable tech company in the world. We're sorry to hear that Bill, but it was time to go home anyway, you should be fine. Back to FaceTime, the commercial for it is quite entrapping with the typical old couple chatting, a mother tucking in her daughter in bed, and the romantic young couple communicating from opposite sides of the world. Very cute. Overall, the device does offer many amazing features that will once again help move technology forward. We gotta give it to you Jobbsie, you really aced it this time, or rather, "again".

Check out a video for the iPhone's new features here!

Review by: Andrea Fuentes

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