Friday, December 7, 2012

The Reemergence of Kanye’s Passion: Kanye West’s “White Dress” for Wu Tang Clan frontrunner RZA’s new movie “The Man With The Iron Fists”

People always ask me, “Do you like Kanye West?” I simply respond, “He’s my favorite. He’s always releasing awesome new music, yet I liked him even more when he first started rapping.”
I remember having a conversation with my older brother about Kanye’s newest collaboration album, Cruel Summer. My critique on Kanye’s particular style is that it just wasn’t the same as it used to be since his last solo album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Kanye’s style on Cruel Summer sounds forced. On his hit single, “Mercy,” when the background music drops and the synthesizers pick up, Kanye attempts to rap to this beat. His style is choppy, rapping only on the quarter notes. He has no flow here, and, personally, I don’t find it appealing or even motivating. I don’t feel the same passion as his earlier single, “Through the Wire,” where Kanye rapped the song while still having his jaw wired after a car crash.
My disappointments with Kanye’s latest music ventures disappeared when my brother sent me the link to Kanye’s newest song, “White Dress.” Right when Kanye started moving his lips, I knew this was going to be reminiscent of his earlier music. There is a hint of sincerity in his voice, and when the drums pick up a minute or two into the song, Kanye’s true passion emerged. Kanye’s lyrics do not sounds as if they forcing their way out of his mouth, but they sounds as if they are falling off a waterfall, flowing smoothly into the listener’s ears. Then on, Kanye does not stop rapping until the end of the song, paralleling his style from “Through the Wire.”
In my opinion, the choppy, very articulated style of rapping does not work for Kanye. It may work for some artists, but I feel Kanye should stray away from this style. Personally, I think the choppy style is a lesser grade form of rapping because it shows the rapper either cannot rap to a certain beat or the rapper simply has no flow. I can say that listening to Kanye’s passion in “White Dress” put a smile on my face.

-Harry Simon

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