Monday, February 23, 2009

The Bachelorette: A way to find true love... WHATEVER!!!!

True love…That is what everyone is looking for, right? That’s why we have a million love shows, including The Bachelorette. After not getting proposed by Brad in The Bachelor, DeAnna Papas finally gets a second chance in love because of ABC. ABC creates the show and finds 12 guys for her, hoping that one of them will be her true love and she will end up happily married (finally). Is that what true love is though? Having twelve guys that are willing to do anything for you, even stay in a shack with no shower curtains, while you stay in a mansion enjoying the hundreds of dollars of clothing? Where is the risk? Love is not that simple. You are never given choices. You have to go out, meet people, take risks and see whether you are compatible or not. DeAnna has skipped all the “scouting” parts and hopes that within a small sample of only twelve people (and let’s face it; 12 is nothing!! It’s definitely less than the average number of men women go out with!!), she will find true love. I am pretty sure that my math is strong enough to say that chances are really really…reallyyyyy slim! 

And then what about the dates that she plans for them…as if a normal human being (i.e no ABC help!) can do something like that. DeAnna’s regular dates include a private concert from Natasha Bedingfield, a trip to Grand Bahama Island and many many many more unreal stuff.  So does that suggest that people like us have no chance in finding real love because…we just do not have the money to plan such glamorous dates and look that good all the time?!!  Ok then..I’ll just quit and stay in my room watching The Bachelorette and cry my eyes out (NOT)!

Finally, is it really ok to date three people, share intimate moments with them and tell each one of them that you have feelings about them, AT THE SAME TIME?? How can she have a date with Jason and not compare him with Jessey? How can she just turn of her feelings for the other people? I just don’t get it. Is that what love is? What happened to the idea of “I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you…just you!!”? The sad thing about it is that people watch the show and say that it’s all about true love. They cry and cry and are so happy that DeAnna finally found someone and expect it to somehow happen to them. It just feels weird to know that the society calls this “true love” and finds the whole process of dating and falling for three people at the same time acceptable. What is the point of love then?

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