Monday, February 9, 2009

To Deal or Not to Deal?

Deal or no deal? That is the question that Howie Mandel asks repeatedly of the contestants that pass through the television game show, Deal or No Deal. One of NBC’s hottest shows since its premier in 2005, not only because of the twenty-six beautiful models it showcases, but more especially because of the intense suspense that draws its audience in, as they hold their breaths to see whether the contestant will take a deal or not.

Of the four seasons of Deal or No Deal, there has yet to be a boring episode. Their casting questionnaire asks candidates for their stories of their most lucky moment, most interesting job, an embarrassing moment, and the most outrageous stunt the candidate pulled. No doubt its producers spend their fair share of time weeding out the best candidates to be put on the show.

The game begins as soon as a contestant steps onto the stage. The contestant chooses one case from the 26 cases that the models carry in holding randomized numbers of the amounts of money ranging from $0.01 to $1,000,000. She has to believe that her case is the million dollar case as she starts to eliminate cases by opening them to find out. This is where The Banker comes in and tries to get the contestant to take home as little as possible. He offers the contestant an amount of money based on how she does in opening cases with big or small amounts. Often times, he entices the contestants by finding out what they want the most and offering them that as a prize (if it would cost less) and a sum of money.

But who can blame the greedy contestants when they usually don’t take a deal. Especially when their adrenaline is pumping and the audience is inciting them to continue, shouting their favorite chant, “NO DEAL!” And of course, the contestants do have to believe they hold the million dollar case. The game is all about risk.

--Malee Yang

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