Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bromance: Do you have what it takes?

From The Bachelor to the Double Shot at Love, the concept of love and how to find it is consistently being redefined through reality television. MTV’s latest adaptation of love shows deals with “bromance.” According to the network, bromance is “an intense brotherly bond that makes two buddies become virtually inseparable.” Bromance, MTV’s newest reality show tells the story of nine ordinary guys who compete for the chance to share Brody Jenner’s lifestyle as his new best friend.
Every episode, the contestants have to compete in a series of challenges to prove that they are Brody’s best fit. The dares serve to test whether the guys are trustworthy, fun, and good-spirited. These have included group “dream dates,” such as hanging out with the Playboy Playmates, skydiving in Vegas, and other challenges, like being judged by Brody’s ex-girlfriend L.C. Every week, Brody sends one more guy home in an effort to select his best friend.
This week’s episode was the finale where Brody has to choose which one of the three guys left--Chris from Orlando, Luke “the jokester,” or Femi “the tiger”--will be his new best friend. To help him with the decision, Brody decides to bring in his mother, Linda Thompson, who has decided to give all the guys a lie detector test. The contestants are taken to an interrogation room where Linda asks them questions ranging from “do you think Brody is real,” to “do you think I’m attractive?” Some of the responses are quite surprising, with Chris saying that he would walk away from this competition if he were offered a million dollar check and adding that he not only finds Linda attractive, but that he will also have fantasies about her. With these responses in mind, Linda gives Brody her expert opinion before Brody decides to kick Chris off the show.
For the last test, Brody follows the remaining contestants’ back to their homes to find out what their lives are really like. First, the three of them travel to Jacksonville to meet Femi’s family. This experience allows Brody to see a different positive side of Femi. However, later in the night when Brody meets Femi’s friends, Femi’s personal love issues get in the way and cause him to leave Brody while pursuing his ex-girlfriend. The gang then leave for Boston to meet Luke’s family and friends. Brody really enjoys Luke’s family but dislikes some of his friends who poke fun at Brody.
Finally, they all return to Los Angeles where Brody makes his final and hardest decision. Luke and Femi are told that they will be escorted in separate cars to different places based on whether you won, or not. It turns out that Luke from Boston’s car led to his victory. At the end of the show, we see that Luke has won Brody’s bromance and as a result, he is automatically brought into the high life--and is even gifted a new car.
It seems hard to believe that true bromance can be found through a television show, but only time will tell whether Brody and Luke will bros for life or if Luke was merely after the fame and riches.
- Ana P.

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