Sunday, December 4, 2011

The controversy of the BCS

College football is a very large aspect of our society today. With the season coming to a close, the BCS will select the top teams to play in the national championship. Criticism of the BCS began with its inception. The BCS utilizes a system where a formula determines team rankings, and then the top two teams are selected to play in the national championship. Many people make enemies with the BCS simply because they are opposed to the idea of a computer selecting the best teams. A computer can’t take into account any of the intangibles relating to a football season. These intangibles may include, injuries, suspensions, outside controversies distracting the team, and many more. Furthermore, the national championship should be a game between the current best two teams. However, the BCS computer rankings take into account an average of each game played. It a team began their season in a slump, but ended up playing like the best team, their chances of making the championship are miniscule because of the beginning of their season. The BCS is very unforgiving that offers little room for error.

That being said, the BCS remains in effect today. Some people suggest a playoff system similar to the NFL to determine the national champion, but this method is difficult due to the time restrictions(length of season) of college athletes. Until someone can implement an effective alternative, the BCS will continue to cast its shadow on college football. This year LSU will play Alabama in the national championship, but Oklahoma State was a close contender to play in this game due to their impressive performances late in the season. With a playoff season Oklahoma State might be playing in the national championship, but they will try to bloke these distracting thoughts as they take on the Stanford Cardinal in what is considered the next best game, the Fiesta Bowl.

-Jamin Ball

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