Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Whats Goin on...
-by Jonah Mowry

This is definitely a work of art. Setting the naysayers aside, I truly believe the video is legitimate. On the surface we see a young 8th grade boy names Jonah Mowry who tells his story via poorly written postcards. His story is emotional, moving, and extremely relevant to today. Jonah is a victim of bullying and mental trauma. On one postcard he exclaims, “A lot of people hate me... I don’t know why... But i gues i do. Cuz I kinda hate me too...”
Jonah’s story is very typical of younger kids. Victims of bullying are often driven to negative introspection, and they blame themselves. I think Jonah’s video has a great message: at the end he says, “I’m not going anywhere... I have a million reasons to be Here.” His story is a powerful appeal to our inner self, a call for all those who have been bullied to stand up and believe in themselves. People will always try to make themselves feel better by knocking us down. It is up to us to get back up.

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