Friday, December 9, 2011

Reality television seems to take it to the next level every year. This year Spike TV came out with my new favorite reality TV show: Repo Games. The premise is that a tow truck shows up to a house to repossess a car for unpaid loans, the contestant is then able to play a 5 question trivia game to win their car back. The reactions are priceless, and altogether brutal. From the excitement of having a chance to reclaim their car with no debt, to losing it again brings contestants to an emotional low.
Aside from the brutal emotions that come through during the show, there are also quite a few laughs. These are not traditional laughs. The jokes are not structured, there is nothing comedic about it at all actually. These laughs stem from the types of questions asked to the contestants. Often they will ask middle aged and older men questions about current pop culture, such as Lady Gaga. The reactions are priceless, and the answers comedic. This show is worth a watch.

-James Nagle

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