Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Can't Get Enough of Jersey Shore?

Sadly, Jersey Shore is coming to the end of its 5th season, but for those of you who love to watch trashy, orange guidos party hard and make fools of themselves, you're in luck!! There is not only one, but two spin-offs of Jersey Shore that will be making appearances on most likely millions of people's TV screens.

The first spin-off is called the Pauly D Project which is scheduled to premier March 29 @ 10:30 PM. Pauly D fans and girls obsessed with his ridiculous hair, charming looks, and of course tan bod will now get the opportunity to watch a show ONLY about his life and how he became a world famous DJ. From the transition of a typical GTL (gym, tan, laundry), fist-pumping guido to a world-class DJ who opens for Britney Spears (lucky him?) on her international tour. Viewers will get to see his life outside the crazy and wild life of Seaside Heights. Will he continue to bring home grenades night after night who are DTF? Or will he actually grow up and act like a normal 31-year-old man? (Let's be real, that won't happen).

The second spin-off show is still titleless, but will be following none other than Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi,the most famous of them all and Jenny "JWOW" Farley who has had the most plastic surgery of them all. The television series will be like a modern -day Laverne & Shirley they say, but without the working aspect of course because clearly they will not subject themselves to any type of work that will ruin their fake nails or that they cannot do completely drunk. Not only is the name of the show still up in the air, but so is the location in which it will be filmed. The mayor of Hoboken, N.J. denied request for MTV to film the series there. Hmm I wonder why? So get ready for these two spin-offs because reality TV without Jersey Shore casts is now unheard of. The trashy, drunken, tan, buff, fake guido/guidettes will be back. Dont you worry!

Monique Atkinson

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