Friday, March 16, 2012

Finding Happiness Through Games

I love playing games with my friends and family. Board games, card games, strategy games- you name it. Every year, on top of my Christmas list, alongside books, are board games. Typically, my family gathers on Christmas morning to open presents, and when the ribbons and wrappers have settled, my brother Terence and I are usually found engaged in a new game. Most of all, I enjoy the complex strategy behind the games. I enjoy formulating strategies and searching for tactics to out-maneuver my opponents. Win or lose, however, I like to just relax and have fun playing the game.

One game in particular that I like is Magic, which I’ve played since first grade. Magic is a strategy card game in which the players build their own decks, so the options and the amount of strategy involved are limitless. The cards also have ‘flavor text’- a sentence or two that solely assists the storyline. Terence and I have memorized the funniest of these quotes and often recount them to each other randomly, just for fun. We’ll both crack up and begin reciting others, laughing uncontrollably.

I like to always approach life with a strong sense of humor. As with the Magic cards, Terence and I quote comics; our favorites are The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes. Often, when one of us begins a quote, the other will complete the punchline, and we’ll laugh at how we can recite perfect quotes. We also enjoy telling jokes, from clever puns to so-called ‘groaners.’ We’ll occasionally invent our own jokes and recite them gleefully to the groans of the other. This positive attitude helps me in everyday situations; when I find myself on the losing end of a situation, I smile and look for opportunities to improve the situation. I focus on how to make the most of what I have and remain positive.

--Patrick Rabuzzi

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