Sunday, March 11, 2012

THE OSCARS!!! Dreams of Dressing up
A Timeline
Feb 26: Night of the Oscars
[3 chapters of biology reading to catch up on]
[2 chapters of chemistry reading to catch up on]
[Practice PWR presentation due in 3 days]
[Chemistry problem set due in 2 days]
[Bio 44X postlab write up due in 2 hours]

What I’m doing:

Ahhh….those dresses…Angelina Jolie seems a little off this year…Oooo Natalie Portman isn’t preggers anymore….mmmmm Christian Bale....

All things I noticed at the replay of Oscar night at late night around 2am while procrastinating from my bio reading, and again on Yahoo! when procrastinating on my chemistry problem set. What does it all mean, women in dreamy dresses and men in smart suits, style report cards, bringing up of old juicy gossip? It’s a good distraction for sure. In fact, I used to be more caught up on awards like the Oscars, who would win, etc. (I’d seen almost all the movies- w/ the exceptions for foreign film and sometimes the animation shorts). However, these days, school always seems to get in the way, but not in the small moments when I pretend I don’t have anything better to do than flip through OMG!’s 2 Hot 2 Handle page. Thankfully, I have PWR to appease my guilty distracted conscious.

The Oscars

To be completely honest, I really didn’t have the time to sit through the entire 3 hour and 14 minute broadcast. Instead, I spent 20 minutes watching highlights. I’ve also noticed that because I rarely have time to watch movies and TV shows anymore, to catch up, I will watch the minute long highlights. If the clip seems interesting enough to devote more time to, I will shelve it till the weekend. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed this year I must really have run out of time because the only movie I’ve seen among the nominee list has been The Help.

About 5 Wikipedia movie synopsis’s later, I decide I actually care more about the red carpet looks and hilarious presenters than the winners and thank you speeches. After deciding which look I would’ve sported had I the chance to attend the Oscars- Milla Jovovich’s actually—I return to my psets and readings. What was the meaning of the hour spent on the Oscars? I really don’t know, but the focused distraction gave me an inspiration for this blog post, and I suppose, for now, that’s enough meaning to satisfy me.

Lauryann Jiang - PWR II Monday, Wednesday 3:15-5:05pm

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