Monday, May 30, 2011

Chuck Season Finale

I can appreciate the new villain. I can (barely) appreciate the (often disgustingly sweet) relationship between Chuck and Sarah. I can appreciate John Casey’s uber masculinity. I can appreciate the heck out of Jeffster. Here’s the problem: I cannot appreciate Morgan Grimes with the Intersect.
Lovable as he is, Morgan as a super spy is extremely farfetched. Transforming Chuck, the awkward klutzy geek of the Buy More, into a kung-fu master overnight just walked the line between over the top and perfect comedic genius. Transforming Morgan into any sort of successful spy will be analogous to sprinting across that same line full force, or apparently in Morgan’s case, doing running back flips over it.
Morgan is the man child responsible for pitting Jeff and Lester against each other in a cage fight. He’s the guy who failed every single spy test that Casey created for him. He’s the one who used to hide under Ellie’s bed and watch her change. The one who always serves as the bait in missions because he’s not skilled enough to do anything else.
Morgan is lovable andhe’s a necessary comedic aspect to an incredibly successful show. Chuck probably wouldn’t be the same without Morgan, but he will never be the perfect spy and in trying to make him one, the season 4 finale of Chuck has finally gotten too ridiculous for my tastes.