Monday, May 30, 2011

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Internet and your team
The Internet these days have become a second nature to all of us. About 20 years ago it was not part of our daily routines. People back then got their information from newspapers and from the Television. The Internet has made obtaining your information about your favorite team a lot easier. People can be more informed about their favorite teams all around the world. All teams have “Official” websites where their fans are able to get all the news you could ask for.

Back before the Internet people would have to go out of their way to find information about their favorite team, and even then the fans did not have a choice of what they were told. If they wanted to know about some story about their favorite team but the TV did not say the story or the newspaper then you would never know. Nowadays everyone is able to get on their favorite team’s website and pick from many different stories and headlines to see what is new with their team is up to. With these websites now fans are able to become more avid and more informed about their teams. They are able to obtain this information whenever they want to, so if they are busy when the news comes on the TV or can’t get a newspaper that day they are able to jump online and scan for a few minutes and read the news about their team.

Bret Baumbach

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