Monday, May 30, 2011

The Guilt-Free Pleasures of Epic Meal Time

This new Youtube video series may, at first, appear to be a group of idiotic guys that simply like to create the unhealthiest meals with as much bacon as possible. But, in reality their meals are quite creative and innovative. They are able to create elaborate meals using culinary expertise while taking you on an ‘epic’ adventure (with an epic soundtrack to boot) in search of ingredients and the actual creation. In one episode titled “Breakfast of Booze” with a tagline “getting drunk off of breakfast,” they create a feast of bacon chocolate chip beer waffles, and pancakes, bacon wrapped ham, and creamy sausage blankets all dipped in beer batter topped off with whipped cream and candied bacon. The show provides an escape from conventional cooking and always ends with someone devouring the feast.

Besides catchy phrases like “bacon strips, bacon strips” or “sauce boss” Epic Meal Time has found alternative ways to find the hearts of its viewers. By creating epic meals with ridiculous caloric contents (up to 40,000), the creators of Epic Meal Time allow you to live vicariously through their cooking and forget about the constant worry about counting calories if only for the brief 5 minute video. We can watch them create a steak-shaped slab of cookie dough covered in chocolate and a candy version of cheeseburgers and hotdogs completely guilt-free. This appeal to our secret desire for combining the tastiest, greasiest foods into one dish makes the show so popular. No one in their right health-conscious mind would even imagine a recipe for a pizza composed of fast food contents. But, we are able to see our craziest food dreams come to life through this series of cooking shows without having to worry about the cost to our health and wallets.

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