Monday, May 30, 2011

Halo the new Star Wars?

Bungie's Halo initiated a revolution in the genre of first-person shooters. Since its inception in 2001, Halo has been the chimerical avatar for Microsoft's venture into the gaming console industry, spearheading the release of the original Xbox and facilitating the success of the system in a market dominated by Playstation fanatics. In fact, the game has become so popular, the term "halo killer" was coined for the most promising up and coming games ready to take the thunderous spotlight from the billion dollar franchise. However no game has ever come to rival Halo's impressive arsenal of multiplayer matchmaking, captivating story, and loyal fan community that has come to be known among gamers as "The Seventh Column."
What started the tumultuous legend was Halo: Combat Evolved. Set on an alien RingWorld, gamers play as the sole survivor from a contingency of super-soldiers bred for Humanity's last stand against the assault of an unyielding alien race. The franchise grew from the solitary game to include nine books, a series of anime shorts, two graphic novels, five comics, three reference books, and an encyclopedia. That's not counting the six games, whose gross income exceeds over 2 billion dollars. The "Halo Universe," as it is called, has far exceeded the reach of a few videogames to encompass something akin the the world created by Star Wars.
As a loyal fan myself, one of the most memorable aspects of the halo world has been the multiplayer. Being the first first-person shooter I ever played, the hours spent dueling in online matchmaking or just against fellow siblings and cousins was a memorable bonding experience that has carried over to college friendships and dorm comraderie. As I move on as gamer Halo will always hold a special place in my heart. As the one that started it all, as time becomes more sparse I will always make time to play the most memorable game the gaming industry has to offer. I stand proudly with the rest of the Seventh Column.

James Acevedo

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