Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ke$ha will "Blow" your mind!

So, I grabbed the bear by the throat, looked him right in the eyes, and I said "Bear, you have 'till the count of 'zero' to put some pants on and to apologize to the President." And, um...that's the story of how I was elected to the Parliament of Uzbekistan.

Does the above statement leave you confused? Perhaps slightly intrigued?

If so, then Kesha has done her job. Born from glitter and the adhesive of false eyelashes, the singer Kesha (known also as Ke$ha), is the epitome of electro-trashy-dance-pop. She sets herself apart from other pop-stars with her unique style and complete lack of sobriety, which makes her a guilty pleasure (oh-so-good) to listen to and to watch. However, I'm not here to review her music, personality, or PR campaign; I'm just here to review her latest music video.

The anecdote above about the Bear and the President is Kesha's opening line in her latest music video, which was released Friday, February 25th for her song "Blow." (She's not talking about the drug or jobs....probably.) In any case, the video is surprising, ridiculous, fun, shallow, a little dirty, and very fascinating, just like the pop star herself. Honestly, the song isn't even that great. I find that it lacks the energy of many of her other hits. The video, on the other hand, is everything one would expect from Kesha.

Or maybe some things are impossible to anticipate.

In any case, the setting of the video is a fancy-people black tie affair, where all attendees have unicorn heads (instead of human heads), except for Kesha and her nemesis, played by James Van Der Beek. The atmosphere has a faux-James Bond quality, which is obviously not meant to be serious. Kesha seems to be attempting to step her class up a notch with her appearance--instead of dressing for the $5 late-night club, she's dressed for the $1,000 secret agent club. Whether or not this is the beginning of an attempt at transforming her image from here on out is unclear. I have a feeling though, that based on the lightheartedness of rest of the video, she's just dressing for the part in this particular video. The most outrageous part of her outfit is her (wonderful) pair of glitter-revolver-shoes, which aren't even that scandalous.

The plot of the video involves a flirtatious glaring match between Kesha and Van Der Beek, followed by witty banter, and a final confrontation. The back and forth between the two is hilarious, involving quite a few unexpected moments that simultaneously evoke confusion and joy. I don't want to give away the final surprise of the video, which involves the final engagement. Although I'll give you a involves rainbows.

Kesha's new music video for "Blow" is a joke. A well-done, hilarious, entertaining, wonderful joke. It will have you laughing and guessing until the end. The video may be viewed below.

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