Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wait What about Rebecca Black: Going viral for the wrong reasons....

Going viral for the wrong reasons…..

Rebecca Black's "Friday"

As many of you now know, not everyone is fit for pop. No matter how many mini-Britneys and pseudo-Ke$has get churned out, you can beat Hollywood’s alchemists that can literally turn poop into gold. Ark Music Factory’s Rebecca Black is no exception to this, but it is extremely popular nonetheless. There’s an old saying that any PR is good PR, good being the operative word in the sentence. Black’s hit single “Friday” is blowing up the YouTube charts, and yet will go down as one of the worst song ever…literally for all eternity. Even worse than, “Chacaron”, which is mildly entertaining to say the least because it’s so ridiculous. Why choose fame when you can choose infamy? My guess is Black didn’t make that choice. The young teen probably didn’t realize that her parents were paying for her own social destruction. for video

With lyrics like “Gotta have my cereal…Get me to the bus stop.” The hit single is pretty setting it self up for an onslaught of YouTube user hatred. Sorry Rebecca, the web is blunt. Everyone is a judge of talent now thanks to the ability to see thousands of people make cover videos of songs. A bad video, especially one accompanied by a bad song is surely going to get harangued. No one wants to hear about your day, or love for a day.

But hey, Black’s video is an example to others on what not to do and avoid going viral for the wrong reasons. Definitely don’t produce a high quality video if the content is crap, it draws attention and people love sharing a bad video for kicks. People love making fun of puberty, so if you’re going through it, you probably shouldn’t show everyone how you look. Last, if you don’t have talent and you try to act like you do, the web is going to destroy you credibility. In sum if you release a bad video, YouTubers are going to rip it apart like a pack of wolves, then send it to everyone they know so they can do the same, even let their parents and grandparents get their share of LOLs at it.

This is the brutal truth, but believe me the web is far more brutal and unsympathetic. And it really sucks when 23 million people do it to you.

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