Wednesday, April 1, 2015

First Week Meeting 2

Looking at ____'s Facebook profile, it is easy to categorize him as many things. Based on the events he has attended, his profile pictures, and also pictures he is tagged in I can assume that he is an young Indian male, who is involved in a cultural community, and also fairly popular with other students at Stanford. He likes the sport cricket as seen by multiple videos on his page advertising the sport, and also a profile picture of a picture from a cricket game. He promoted attendance of RHYTHMS, which was an event hosted by Stanford Sanskriti. These two things imply that he is knowledgable about Indian culture. Cricket is a sport that is not super popular in America, but very popular in India. His pictures also have tags with one of the leaders of Stanford Sanskriti so it is easy to assume he is part of that organization and not another one that participated in RHYTHMS. On that same note, he has very many pictures of himself taken by a variety of other people. The people in the pictures are fairly happy, so it is easy to assume that he is well liked among those happy people.   

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