Wednesday, April 1, 2015

__________ uses social media to express her personality and interests. Most of her Facebook photos are of her with friends and family—I noticed that she is rarely by herself in any of them. This gives me the impression that she is family and friend oriented. Also, other people made most of the posts on her wall. With 759 friends, I get the impression that she is selective in who she allows to view her personal profile. Furthermore, she uses photos, likes, and posts to describe who she is rather than explicitly stating it in her "about" section. With respect to her interests, she is a member of groups that have to do with social issues, such as marriage equality and teacher rights.  Also, several of the movies, music, books, etc. that she likes are similar to those that are commonly liked by people her age, which makes it easier to relate to her. _________ does not share personal details on social media; instead, she tells the viewer more about herself through photos and posts, and allows the viewer to interpret them as they wish. _________decides what she wants her Facebook friends to know about her, and with that, she creatively uses her profile to make the statement: "This is me."

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