Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Mystery Profile

____'s overarching claim throughout her Facebook profile is that she is a hardworking student at an elite university who has taken on a large course load. She makes textual claims through her posts, two of which read: "When I started college, I had a lot of hopes and dreams. Now that I am on my third quarter, my only two dreams are to be able to draw a perfect hexagon in Organic Chemistry and a nice bracket in Linear Algebra," and, simply put: "College is hard." These textual claims argue to ____'s audience, her Facebook friends, that she is respectable and ambitious for taking on such a demanding workload, though she may struggle. In her Freshman Year photo album, entitled, "Stanford: Year One," ____ shares photos of her studying with friends, photos within her dorm, and photos of classic Stanford landmarks such as Memorial Church. These are all visual claims that promote the "elite college student" image of ____ that she argues in her posts.


____ further extends this argument by promoting her interests in science fiction literature. She shares links to blog posts about one particular series, "Eragon," including two entitled "19 Signs You're Still Obsessed With Eragon" and "Reboot the Eragon/Inheritance Cycle Film Franchise." She consistently tags her friend Carolyn Kravitz in these public posts, which suggests that ____ is not ashamed to make public her passion for this particular series. Though not all of her Facebook friends may have the same interest, her making her interactions surrounding Eragon with Carolyn public rather than private is an argument for her unabashed, headstrong, nerdi-ness. :)

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