Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Through social media, Felicia presents herself as a friendly and loving person that experiences every day as an adventure. This is evidenced through her Instagram pictures that are mostly with her friends and family. In her posts she always has a big smile on her face, and her captions reflect the happiness that she exhibits in her photos. For example, some of Felicia's captions include, "i luv u to the moon and back and back again" and "these babes make any day great." It is clear that she is representing herself as a person who cares deeply for her friends. Not only is Felicia caring, but she is also daring. Many of her posts take place in impressive locations such as Disney, Lake Tahoe, Germany, Half Moon Bay, Hawaii, and many more. These exotic places give off the impression that Felicia is adventurous and takes advantage of the exciting opportunities that she is presented with. Felicia presents herself as a person who appreciates life to the fullest through her love for her friends, as well as her adventurous lifestyle.

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