Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Profile Analysis

         " 's profile demonstrates himself as a quiet, talented, and cultured student. Immediately, one can tell this by his Twitter profile picture, where he is speaking at his high school graduation. Someone looking at a cursory glance can tell he is a high-achieving student. In his description, he even says "I'm a quiet guy." His retweets include new music from Kendrick Llamar, Kanye and more music from the R &B/ rap scene. He also shows interests in basketball through retweets of SportsCenter posts about basketball players. He also shows visual rhetoric through he's tweet of his acapella group at Stanford performing some holiday songs. Most noticeably, he demonstrates that he especially is passionate about black rights and equality. He retweets political comments about the Ferguson riots and police brutality, as well as showing support for the Stanford69 protests. "­                     "  does not tweet his own messages often, but when he does it's to post something he really finds interesting and important. With this Twitter profile, I see that "           " is a humble and intelligent student who is interested in equal rights and social change. 

Annalee Monroe
Stanford University
Class of 2018

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