Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The image that _____is trying to get across to the readers of her blog is presented immediately. It is not obscure or in the depths of the blog, but rather in the title of the blog itself. Right beneath the title, she included the line "enlightenment and entertainment by the dumb teenager for the dumb teenager". Automatically people should have a basic idea of what to expect. This is a teenage girl who acknowledges the adult perception of teenagers and decides to go with it. Clearly, she is not a dumb teenager, as presented by the blog. She is a teenager though, which she goes through some lengths to show. She presents the two sides of herself: the social teenager and the deep thinker. She is a college student—a Stanford one at that—and that is really the balance students want to maintain. For example, she has a post about her thoughts while reading Pride and Prejudice. This is a book that is common enough that if she talked about reading it, she would not come off as pretentious, but it is still a literary classic. In the ramble, she balances between some genuine, analytical thoughts and then some very "teenager-like" thoughts—the summary section at the bottom namely. It creates the "ideal" balance of a teenager and a student that people expect. 

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