Wednesday, April 1, 2015

_____'s Facebook profile is an embodiment of what he wants people to know about him- his music and his friends. He identifies himself first and foremost as a trumpet player and is part of the National Youth Orchestra of the USA. His first three most recent profile pictures show him holding or playing a trumpet. However, this theme is not a recent one. Trumpet profile pictures date all the way back to 2010. The majority of posts and pictures on his timeline revolve around going to events where trumpets are played, include him with fellow musician friends, or involve famous trumpet players. Many of his likes and interests are about trumpets. Apart from living the trumpet life, _____ also identifies as a Stanford student. He uses a picture of Stanford as his cover photo and is tagged in many photos across campus with Stanford friends and attending Stanford events. He shows Donner pride and like most of us, wants to convey the message to friends back home that he is happy and loves college and continues to play the trumpet. Also he really really likes the color orange. 

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