Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Swaggy P

Note: "it" will be used as the gender unspecific pronoun. 

Using pictures as its primary medium, Swaggy P presents its persona as quite an outgoing character; the only pictures you will find of it without people are its profile pictures. Otherwise, Swaggy P's omnipresent photographs of itself at all varieties of sports events provides reasoning for the possibility that it not only revels in school spirit and the support of Stanford's athletes, but also enjoys performing for large crowds. Additionally, its photos with dorm friends on weekend night outings, dressed either in rally gear or in fashionable/chic outfits, coupled with its lack of Facebook posts and comments, suggests that it loves socializing more in person and relies on social media simply for keeping its social image updated. Based on Swaggy P's Facebook profile, its friends can only gather its latest social appearance, however, cannot necessarily glean its day-to-day progress or lower-level activity. 

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