Wednesday, April 2, 2014

profile 13

Based on his Facebook page, the subject is virtually immune to embarrassment, which is an admirable trait that most people inherently lack. This consequently makes his posts incredibly funny. Looking at the profile from a strictly visual perspective, we immediately see how absurd his profile picture and cover photo are. Both are highly sexual, as well as many of his other posts, but he does not seem to worry that he will receive criticism for them from the members of his audience who are more politically correct. Seeing these types of pictures on Facebook is refreshing, as they do not harm anyone, yet people, myself included, fear the backlash it may bring. The subject’s lack of regard for this unnecessary backlash makes the page so funny and likable. Looking more closely, specifically at the subject’s comments and textual posts, we see the raunchy, free-spirited sense of humor we saw in his photos. This profile in a way rebels against the often annoying social constructs that confine social media activity. So many people appreciate the sense of humor the subject displays, yet the vast majority of them refrain from making similar posts because it is not “proper.” The subject’s disregard of hindering expectations is something we need more of on Facebook. 

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