Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Profile 21

_____'s Facebook profile, no doubt like many in our class, effortlessly showcases an excellent image of a happy, enthusiastic, fun loving Stanford student. School pride clearly isn't an issue; his profile picture is from a Stanford football game, and his cover photo includes the Stanford campus. This is a bold opening statement which quickly announces his academic prowess while focusing on his love of a collegiate environment. A quick glance into older profile pictures suggests that he's both an accomplished swimmer and runner. Putting these solely visual aspects of his Facebook together, we get a picture of a student who is athletic and has been involved in his school community from high school onwards, and this can lead us to infer that he's full of Stanford pride and is well-involved. This claim is easily supported when one lays their eyes on photos of _____ in the Stanford band. With his enthusiasm for our alma mater all but assured, one can move on to see that _____ is a jovial character, judging from the amount of funny faces and photo bombs throughout his tagged photos. Going deeper into his profile, one can also notice his strong interest in music (something being enrolled in band didn't necessarily imply). With just a few quick glances through _____'s timeline, "about" section, and photos, we quickly absorb his profile's emphasis on social involvement, Stanford pride, and interest in athletics and music. An excellent snapshot of the ____ we all know and love. 

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