Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Profile 12

Ted uses textual and visual rhetoric to paint a picture of himself as a trendy, sociable, and sporty person.  In doing so, he ultimately chooses to portray himself as a person who loves to be in the company of others and does not hesitate to be forward about his interests and promote them externally. He feels that his friendships will come naturally once he does that. For instance, in one of Ted’s photos, he showed a clear affinity for having exceptional taste in clothing that is ahead of his time. The visual rhetoric in that photo, particularly Ted’s facial composition, show that he is excited to spread his trendiness to others, but is also relaxed about it. His posture also indicates the same traits in that it is an outgoing, inviting posture, but relaxed at the same time. In addition, Ted utilizes textual rhetoric riddled with solid claims that display his love for sports. For example, in one post on Ted’s wall, he comments about a great basketball series involving the basketball star Ray Allen and is very adamant about his love of basketball. He also comments adamantly in support of one of his favorite TV shows in a post on his wall and is not reserved about his appreciation for the finer details of Breaking Bad. Clearly, Ted paints himself as a savvy, gregarious individual with strong interests through his photos and comments.

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