Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Profile 18

Thesis: This person portrays herself as a creative and fun-loving person who can be dramatic in the most light-hearted way possible.

She portrays a joking tone by stating that her name is Florence (in an Instagram post) when her profile name clearly is another name.  Her location pin states that she was at Harvard University when she took the picture, but her post comment goes against this by stating that she and her girlfriend go to MIT.  The picture further implements a jokingly deceptive tone by attaching the hashtag #theydontevengohere.  The majority of her pictures portray her smiling as if she were laughing incredibly hard – because of this, she portrays herself as very approachable and a fun person to be around.  Most of the pictures she posts have a creative filter on them to produce either more contrast or deeper colors.  This demonstrates that she wants to portray herself in the most favorable lens by taking the time to enhance the photo, making it more dramatic than what was actually taken.  

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