Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Post #3

            BrutonGastor rarely makes posts or communicates with others on his Facebook profile. The most prominent displays on his profile are simply pictures of him with friends or pictures of him engaging in sports and hobbies. Due to his lack of textual comments on other’s profiles and lack of statuses, BrutonGastor’s Facebook profile presents the identity of someone who is too busy with his hobbies and social life to be active on Facebook. He achieves this by utilizing the visual rhetoric of his pictures.  All of BrutonGastor’s photos have common themes: hobbies, social gatherings, active life, etc. For instance, BrutonGastor’s profile picture is of him sitting on a bench in a park playing a guitar. This photo not only presents him engaging in his hobby but also displays him doing it outdoors, which is a place usually associated with activity and active life. In addition, his cover photo is him and many other friends decorated for a football game.

Thu Ngo
Stanford University 
Class of 2017

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