Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Profile 7

After looking at "                " facebook profile, this person is very friendly and active in social activity other than academics. This person is not privy to only an academic focus but also to large groups where he/she exudes happiness, especially with close friends as exhibited by photos with reoccurring people both in the dorm (frosh formal, Halloween parties) and what seem to be outside excursions.  He/she also has an artistic side that is refreshing as it depicts a fondness for theatrical events and endearing poses or costume-like accessories such as animal hats and certain hand poses. This person is not "obsessed" with accumulating as many friends as possible for merely a record number as he/she has a reasonable amount of friends well under 500 meaning that he/she probably knows all the people on the friends list in some actual capacity other than social media and a "one-time meet and greet."  This person has a laid-back attitude as in one picture he/she is laughing with friends and hugging. This person is photogenic as all the pictures appear methodically picked out because they are so well taken but this is not the case. This person also likes to share traits and likes that are not contemporary fads or common likes to show originality and a genuine personality as shown by his/her musical likes such as K-pop and interest in comedy. 

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