Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Profile 22

Through the lens of a Facebook profile, my partner creates a sense of identity based on both their direct social connections and physical location. In stalking through the profile, rare was the picture (1 in roughly 50) that did not include at least one other person. Of these pictures, it was most common for the additional people to be of my partner’s age, usually linked to Stanford. While these pictures are peer uploaded, my partner’s self-uploaded photos center widely on photographs of nature and portraits with family, displaying a widely involved social circle and an emphasis on physical location. In fact, while many profiles choose to omit information such as school, place of work, etc. my partner’s profile outlines these in detail, listing previous places of work and schooling as well, building a display for an involved lifestyle. Were I to draw conclusions based on a rhetorical analysis of my partner’s profile, I would claim that they prioritize social interaction with peers, while in a lesser sense try to maintain a connection with physical locations – such as Stanford or one of the many self-shot outdoor photos uploaded.

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