Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Profile 6

Alexandra uses photos representative of her hobbies to convey what she is interested and invested in. She uses a profile picture where she looks unhappy and has a dark hood that covers most of her face. She may be trying to make a more general statement about her attitude and feeling towards life, which is clearly unhappy and helpless. Textually, her tweets are very substance less, casual and humorous. It appears as though she uses this medium as a way to convey to her twitter followers that she does not take herself seriously and may be a reflection related to the fact that she may be afraid or unwilling to open up on social media. One specific example demonstrates this fact, where a photo posted by a friend shows Alexandra compared with a penguin. The comment she posts following this picture as follows, “My guys friends show me way too much love.” This makes it evident that she is clearly unaffected by the photo and somewhat amused by it. She makes the point that she does not take herself completely seriously and that she is unconcerned with jokes thrown at her by friends. The brevity and quantity of tweets makes it apparent that she is concerned less with the actual content of what she writes and more concerned with generating more tweets related to unimportant details she may come across in her everyday life.

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