Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Profile 15

X’s Facebook profile presents his identity as a driven and educated young man who also has diverse interests. Displaying his passion for sports by a cover picture of him scoring a goal in quidditch, the audience can immediately tell about his athleticism and competitive spirit. Such a spirit translates to his education, prominently displaying his education at Stanford and pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree (when most freshman still are undecided). Considering he also shows he worked at an electronics equipment store, we are reinforced that he’s career-driven too. Interestingly, his profile picture highlights a different aspect of his life: a woman. Such a contrast to his competitiveness displayed in education and sports  offers a personal touch and tells the audience that’s he’s not only academically and physically strong but also socially balanced.  Just a quick glance through his likes, he has a diverse interest in music and comedic movies and TV shows. Overall, X presents himself as a well-rounded individual, claiming that he has a competitive edge in sports and education, but also the capacity and balance to explore other interests too. 

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