Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Profile 5

My partner uses his selection of photos and statuses on Facebook to present his identity as a dancer who is very socially active. While his cover photo features him in a Stanford sweatshirt posing for a photo with Mythbuster Jamie Heineman as a part of his thinking matters course,  there is no other mention of schoolwork or specific classes anywhere else, and he is seldom seen wearing Stanford clothing outside of this picture. This is because within his social context, being a Stanford student is uniform; most of his immediate friends are also Stanford students and take similar classes, so there is no point in posting these things because they aren’t unique. Most of his recent posts are about Shifterz, a breakdance group that he is a part of. He tags other members of this group (or is tagged in other members’ posts amongst a handful of people), which suggests that these fellow members of the group form some of his core group of friends. It also highlights this unique and interesting skill that sets him apart from most of the rest of the Stanford population. His pictures almost all show him with friends or family at various social functions, such as Viennese Ball or other social gatherings. Outside of his carefully selected profile picture, there are few pictures of him alone, which shows one of the most unique things about him: his relationships with his friends and family. These elements combine to paint a picture of him as a very interesting, socially active, and unique person. 

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