Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Profile 9

Through the analysis of this profile, it can be concluded that this person portrays himself as a natural comedian. It is filled with links to humorous posts and many pictures displaying him not only having fun, but also poking fun at himself and others. The pictures are quite funny and show a wide range of emotions that add to the humor. It's clear that the person is sociable and friendly based on the amount of friend activity in the profile, especially pictures and posts. From looking at the profile, it is also evident that this person is very familiar with popular Internet memes and trends, as well as social apps that eventually tie back to the intended focus on humor. Despite this focus, it's also apparent that there is a lot more to this person than just being comical and entertaining. The posts show a large interest in music, travelling and physical activity. This person seems worldly and knowledgeable, also because of his consciousness of intellectual aspects and the fact that he values his academic feats, having the prestigious institutions he attended prominently listed on his profile, and yet not coming off as arrogant.

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