Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Profile 28

The most prominently conveyed aspect of ______'s identity is her interest and participation in musical theater. Both her profile picture and cover photo are a promotional flyer for Ram's Head Theatrical Society's production of Les Misérables. From this, the audience can infer that ______ is involved in the production in some manner, either as a performer or as a participant behind-the-scenes.
Nicole's interest in musical theater can be further exemplified through a video that a friend shared on her timeline—a flash mob performed by the Australian cast of The Lion King: The Musical. This indicates that others are aware of ______'s love of musical theater and know she would appreciate such a video.
As we scroll down, _______'s profile, we discover that she is indeed a singer and performer of musical theater. This is indicated by multiple photos of ______ holding a microphone and singing in a concert setting. Overall, it is evident that music and theater are important aspects of _______'s life.

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