Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Profile 11

[name]'s facebook profile shows a public performance of a student who is having a good time at Stanford with a fulfilling social life and good study habits without going into much detail. One thing that I noticed was the absence of posts, pictures, or information about things that were not going well or more personal details. In her "About," for instance, the only two categories filled in under "Basic Information" were her birthday and her gender, two of the more basic categories. Her pictures tend to emphasize her identity as a Stanford student; many of her pictures, including her cover photo, involve multiple people in Stanford t-shirts. There are a lot of pictures and posts that show her having a good time with her friends at memorable activities and some posts discussing good progress on essays and the like. She primarily performs the image of a happy, social Stanford student without any indications of potential struggles or challenges. 

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