Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Profile 10

This person's twitter account makes the claim that minimal effort is bolder than the culture of maximal displays of effort by which he is surrounded. The first thing one sees on this account is the all black icon and identically black banner photo. Only his first name is given. Underneath that display name lies his username: his first name, all in capital letters spelled with no vowels. This is a distilled example of the larger identity claims this profile gives off: a disdain for the unnecessary. A pride in ironic simplicity. While the content of his tweets are quick, authoritative, and sharp, they lack the capitalization and grammar that this person is obviously capable of. He pokes at the intelligence (which he himself possesses) that people want to broadcast by using format-less text, incomplete thoughts, and irony. Between tweets that clearly come from an intelligent mind are references to rap and reggae songs. It could be as simple as one noise (that is not even a word), repeated a few times in all caps. He does not care if it is understood.

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