Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Facebook Profile 8

I studied my partner's facebook profile; she presents herself as the total package: she appears like a very well-rounded individual with many varied interests, which makes it hard for viewers to easily place her into a certain niche or stereotype. First, she identifies strongly with the Latin American community, as shown through the groups she has joined, the music she enjoys listening to, and the Spanish comments posted on her timeline. She shows others her more cosmopolitan side, posting photos of exotic places she's visited like France, Italy, and Honduras. She also defines herself as an athlete, showing her support for basketball in her likes and profile pictures of her basketball team. Her likes, especially her list of movies, shows that she is a girl of action: with action-heavy movies like the Godfather, the Dark Knight series, and very serious, critically-acclaimed drama movies like the Shawshank Redemption and Good Will Hunting, she presents herself as a more serious and thrill-seeking person. However, her profile pictures and cover photos show a more whimsical side of her. About half of her profile pictures are not of herself: the funnier ones include a picture of an angry orange, a cute comic about crayons, and a picture of a Domo plush doll. Her statuses are mostly lighthearted and meant to make people smile. In all, she gives viewers a quick outline of who she is, making sure to let others know that there is more to her than meets the eye.

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