Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Katie Joseff profile by Jimmy

This individual’s profile shows a remarkable absence of personal activity. The majority of her wall is taken up by the posts of others, and these are most often of her and her cohorts socializing. Her ‘about’ page lacks much information beyond the bare minimum required, suggesting either a lack of interest in this kind of information. The majority of information she conveys is through pictures. The majority are of her friends socializing and acting silly, especially those posted by her friends, but when left to her own devices she puts across an subversive blend of the typical, such as the setting and composition of her profile picture, and the funny, such as the photoshopped shark. Her verbal declarations are reserved for instances in which she wishes to show due gravity; specifically, the passing away of her friend. Overall, her profile is an embodiment of the young adult who has a sense of humor but is not frivolous.

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