Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Profile 27

Usually I look at profile photos first when looking at someone’s profile but since I am sitting next to him I didn’t feel it was urgent. Also his wall was interesting with humorous jokes (one about pi and another semi pop culture reference (I say semi, cause I only kind of got it but knew that it was funny, but I’m not very good with pop culture)) and a cover photo that was very random/strange but interesting and appealed to my sense of humor. There was also a photo of a solar flare, so scientific, and another of him in nature climbing a tree, not in a forest, and also a photo of a concert but I couldn’t see the band or guess who it was from description. Many postings of music on his wall and of really unique music that looked funny and interesting (“Turkey Rhubarb” song) and he also “likes” 52 bands but Facebook does the interests in the About section oddly so it’s hard to tell. What first struck me though was that a lot of his profile was in Spanish and that he was from Peru, which I would have never guessed. Also his profile pictures were some of art that he had drawn himself and were really cool so he is clearly a musician, artist, and interested in some science, and humorous. Also went to the Battle for Middle Earth. And has 21 family members, but they had different last names so it shows he was many relatives, or many close friends that he calls family.

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