Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Profile 16

This person's Facebook profile is an excellent representation of himself; it conveys his interests in musics, physics, and TV shows, but also showcases his sense of humor and perhaps a more quirky side to himself. This person primarily uses text to describe his daily activities, musings, questions, and observations. His interests are also conveyed in his pictures. There are pictures of him partaking in musical events and pictures of him working in a lab. This person is not afraid to share his identity as evidenced by his frequent Facebook postings. He cares about his interests; for example, he has some postings promoting musical events he is partaking in and updates on his pursuit of physics. While browsing through the textual and visual rhetoric, it is clear that he has an identity that he is comfortable with and is not afraid to share. His postings use simple language and often vary in length and style. One can see that he speaks his mind because his postings vary from informational to humorous. With a quick scroll through this person's profile, it is clear that this is an accurate representation of his personality and interests; the use of "performance" is honest and open. 

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