Wednesday, April 2, 2014

profile 14

Through the employment of briefly written statuses, minimal posting, and impersonal pictures, ______________uses his Facebook profile to convey an identity of a masculine, unemotional, and authentic person. The brevity of his status updates demonstrate that he finds little value in exercising a great deal of effort in making impressions over social media; this also helps him to validate his desire to appear authentic and uninterested in superficial relationships by renouncing their importance. He renounces their importance by refusing to participate in the typical mass showcase of personal events and thoughts that typically takes place over social media sites like Facebook. Additionally, it reinforces his desire to appear masculine by employing little emotion and profound personal thoughts since masculinity is associated with a control over extreme emotions. Furthermore, ______ inconsistency in posting moreover demonstrates his disinterest with his appearance on social media and thus signifies a preference for appearing authentic. Authenticity is typically associated as the opposite of its dichotomy-inauthentic; basically someone who is authentic behaves naturally and without concern of external opinions. His use of impersonal pictures- such as the fact that his profile pictures does not feature him, further reinforces his desire to appear unconcerned with his public appearance- especially on social media, and thus more authentic. In addition, because his profile picture and cover photo feature a baseball team- the San Francisco Giants- this exemplifies _______ desire to appear masculine. 

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