Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Profile #4

My partner showcases herself as being culturally diverse, friendly, happy, funny, and easy-going on her profile. Her choices in movies and TV shows demonstrate a cross-cultural interest with the presence of movies from Japan and TV shows from Great Britain.  Her pictures mostly feature her with friends, unless they are a profile picture, and in these pictures with friends she is smiling and having fun in various settings. These demonstrate that she wants herself to be portrayed as friendly (or at least being close with her friends) and like she is having fun. These also illustrate that she wants to be seen as happy, which is also accomplished through the lack of complaining posts. Her sense of humor can be seen through posts that are funny at her own expense, such as jokes about her on the floor yelling. These jokes also indicate that she is very easy-going. She doesn't mind making fun of herself. In addition, many of her posts lack capitalization, also demonstrating a laid-back attitude that is cemented by the numerous number of Facebook "hacks" that remain on her wall from friends. In short, ______'s profile shows her as being a very warm, easy-going person.

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